Johann Andreas von Herrenburg (1824-1906)

Johann Andreas von Herrenburg

“Tangier Harbour”

Oil on Canvas



Signed and Dated 1870

Johann Andreas Von Herrenburg was born in Berlin on 6th February 1824, and died there on the 14th June 1906.

He studied in Berlin as a pupil of Ed. Bierman for a period of time before moving to Munich. He became friends with Schwind and Genelli and composed several pictures in co-operation with
S.J. Voltz.

Von Herrenburg was principally known as an architectural and landscape artist. His paintings show an effective use of lighting as well illustrated in the sketches that he made on his journeys to Turkey, Greece and Egypt.

In 1845 he traveled to Greece and the following year to Asia Minor for the Turkish Exhibition, thence to Persia, Syria and Cyprus. Whilst in Cyprus he drew the first complete map of the Orient. During the year of 1847 he journeyed to Egypt, Milan and Abyssinia returning to Berlin. He traveled back to Italy and Paris where he met Eugene Isabey, his fellow artist. In 1848 he came to England and rented a studio in Kensington, London.

One of his foremost pictures was of Luxor, Egypt and a view of Sidon, which was commissioned by King Frederick IV of Prussia.

In 1855, Von Herrenburg returned to Germany and lived in Dresden. During the latter part of his life he still continued his travels and undertook several journeys to Norway, Sweden and Italy.

He exhibited at the Berlin Exhibition during the years of 1856-1883 and there is a list of Classic Architectural Paintings [handwritten] by him in Danzig Museum.

‘Tangier Harbour’ illustrates his architectural brilliance in conjunction with his superb use of colour at sunset.

His final years were spent in his studio in Dresden until his death in 1906.

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