Jacob Jacobs (1812 – 1879)

Jacob Jacobs (1812 - 1879)

Arab Dhows On The Lebanon Coast

Signed and dated 1857

Oil on mahagony panel

19.7 x 30 inches (50 x 66 cm)

Jacob Jacobs was born in Anvers Belgium. He became a painter of marines and coastal scenes, specializing in the Orientalist movement. The majority of the locations were Egypt, Lebanon and the Turkish coast, commonly known also as the Levant coast in the 19th century, on the Mediterranean sea. In 1832 Jacobs studied at the Academie d’Anvers withFerdinand de Braekeleer. After finalizing his tutorship, like so many great artists he commenced his European travels to Russia, Scandinavia, Greece and Italy, before returning home to Anvers. He then joined the Atelier of Wappers, a specialized maritime painter. In 1847 he visited England and became a member of the Royal Academy and subsequently started exhibiting paintings. Jacob’s reputation was gaining international recognition and he was honoured with Belgium’s highest art accolade in 1849, by order of King Léopold of Belgium. He also received the medal of Brussels at various exhibitions during the period 1840 – 1870.

The painting of Arab Dhows off the Levant coast may well be Lebanon as the mountains rise directly from the sea. It is worth noting that the frame is the original and would have been selected in all certainty by Jacobs himself. The colour key of the painting is very sensitive and the quality of the figures in the foreground is exceptional. The depth of the marine activity is a perfect backdrop for this important coastal marine executed at the height of his powers.

Jacob Jacobs’ paintings hang in the museums of Anvers, Belgium, the national Museums of Berlin, Munich and Weimar. Istanbul also has some of his Turkish subjects, which are highly acclaimed.

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