George Lance (1802-1864)

George Lance (1802-1864)

“Autumn Gift”

Oil on Canvas

72.3 x 92cm (28 1/2 x 36 1/4 in)

Signed and dated 1853

George Lance was born on the 24th of March 1802 in Little Easton (Essex). He showed a great talent for drawing from an early age. This inspired him to become a student of Hayden, following this he elected to train at the English Royal Academy in London.

His work consisted mostly of genre scenes and especially still lifes, to which he dedicated the latter part of his life. Creating fine compositions of flowers and fruit, with an accent on interesting objects included in the composition.

He began to exhibit at the Royal Academy in 1824 where his work was noticed and highly acclaimed. He also exhibited at the British Institution and at Suffolk Street Gallery.

Interestingly he often painted a landscape feature as a backdrop to his still lifes. A river with a bridge supplemented by a rich red curtain backdrop gives drama and richness to this painting. A claret jug and a glass dome in which birds are presented and delicately positioned on branches, a very popular theme in Victorian England, dominate the centre of the painting. An interesting porcelain figure with fruit, melon, apples, peaches and grapes both black and green gives the painting a rich aura.

The silver platter reflecting the pineapple and various fruit illustrates the depth of George Lance’s talent and quality.

He spent most of his life near Birkenhead where many of his wealthy patrons in the wool trade would visit him and purchase their acquisitions directly from him.

He died peacefully in his sleep in 1864.

The museum of Liverpool, Cape Town, London (Victoria and Albert museum) and Melbourne in Australia have to this day some of his finest works.

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